Skype in Style

With the ever changing climate we’re currently living in our commitment to making sure you look and feel your absolute best for the important moments in your lives has not changed at all!

With most of us continuing to work from home, video conferencing has been at an all time high. For the last couple weeks, many meetings & appointments have been conducted via Skype, Zoom, Google Hangout etc and will continue for the foreseeable future. 

Here’s a couple ideas on how to take tomorrows video conference to the next level and possibly seal the deal!


1) Declutter

This is very important while you’re video conferencing, don’t just think what is visible but also the background noise. Make sure you have a clean & tidy background with zero distractions to you or the other parties you’re meeting with.


2) Production Quality 

Making sure your lighting, audio and notes are readily available are vital. Think of your next video conference as if you’re broadcasting during prime time of your favorite news anchored show. 

-Try placing a light source behind your camera to add more visibility and a more clear image.

-Try using headphones for an upgraded sound quality. This is not the most natural I understand, but using sound canceling headphones like the newest AirPods or the ones I’m currently using, the Jabra Elites are a great way to achieve a clear conversation the duration of your next video conference.

-Have your notes and high points for the next meeting readily available. Write out the most important things you must discuss on note cards. This is a step that you may not normally take in person, but with the change of scenery you may find yourself more relaxed and this would be a great way to stay on top of things.


3) Dress for Success

Of course this is our most important tip! Just because you’re working from home don't let your overall appearance take a back seat. Still show your clients, colleagues and vendors that you’re business as usual. Feel comfortable wearing your Adam Lusso suiting and accessories on your next video conference. Suiting wise stay with solid blue and grey. They look best on camera and will not show glares on your recipients screen look a pinstripe or glen plaid may. I would consider the same for your shirt and tie combinations, the simpler the better. You’re going to be close to the screen so keep that in mind. The pocket square is where I would elect to have a little fun. a nice contrast and pop of color will go a long way!

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Pocket Squares


We hope these tips are useful, be on the lookout for many more soon! 












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