How to select the right tie!

It is definitely an art to match the tie correctly with the rest of the clothes and the occasion. So how do you perfect the tricks of it? Simply remember these few guidelines.


Always buy the tie of correct length. Standard tie lengths are 51”-60” & tall men should request for longer ties. An appropriate tie length is when the triangle tip of the tie touches your belt buckle. 


While purchasing a tie to go with a suit, ensure that you carry the suit with you. You will then have a perfect idea of how the tie will look when worn. If the jacket is a sports coat then the color of the trousers must also be taken into consideration while selecting the tie. 


For all occasions, avoid ties with pictures and cartoons. These patterns are very informal and should only be worn in novelty settings. A safe bet are solid colored, striped or dotted ties. Match them with the shirt or the suit and wear.


For job interview, business meeting, regular office and other serious occasions the selection of tie should be conservative. Set off a dark colored or suit with a light toned tie in the same or complementing hue.  Do not wear a striped tie with a striped shirt, with the exception of a pin-striped shirt. A solid tie will be a better option. 


Match patterns and textures of the clothing with the tie. With patterned shirts, its better to wear solid ties and vice versa. It will be a loud clash if you wear patterned tie with patterned shirt. This clash can be sobered by wearing a plain jacket with them. 


Are you aware that your face and skin also should affect your tie selection? For those who have a strong, angular face you should wear striped ties. Dotted and paisley printed ties go well with a round or baby face. Solid colors can be worn by everyone. As you would match the shirt and suit to your skin before buying, so should you follow the same principles while selecting a tie.



So you can see that the choice of the tie depends on the occasion, the pattern of the shirt and jacket, and the color of the shirt and jacket.

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