Business casual during a pandemic!

We're in the middle of these crazy times that have caused us to put a pause button on our lives and stay at home. Yes, the coronavirus aka the Covid-19 outbreak has caused shutdowns, lockdowns all over the world, and due to this all the workplaces and offices are also closed.
Speaking of offices, people now, don't wear a basic suit due to this pandemic and have move towards more of a relaxed version of office wearing that is neither too formal like suits and nor too casual like pajamas. This above-sentence very well explains the term 'Business Casual' dress code for men.

And today, we'll be going over 5 easy outfit ideas that promote this business casual wearing so our guys can have a more relaxed version of office wear: -

The Polo-chinos look: -

Starting with basics, the most casual look on the list can be a simple, basic polo t-shirt and rock it with a classic blue/grey/black chino. Chinos are preferred as a more comfortable material than Jeans.

A lot of office-going guys have to sit down for straight 7-8 hours and work on their computers and you want to be wearing something that maintains the same comfort for that whole time. That's why a polo and chinos should be your go-to outfit in the term of comfortability.

Shirt-pants and a tie: -

Very easy to pull off look but at the same time an outfit that gives you the formal attention you deserve. Wearing a basic White/light blue Shirt with pants can work wonders and is easily depicted as the basic office-wear look all over the world.

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The Bossy Blazer look: -

A very casual blazer of a basic color like brown or navy blue can take your outfit to a whole new level with a tone of a casual approach as well. The blazer is the key piece to this look. Wearing a normal Shirt-pant on inside will do the trick for you.

The basic hack we’ll give in this look is to tuck only one button of your blazer which is the top-most button. That will make your blazer stand out a bit more and can give you the perfect office wear vibe.

Make the best of your vest: -

If you thought that vest or waistcoat is only apparel that can be worn in a 3-piece suit, then it's time to think again. The vest is by far the best definition of a Business casual look. This apparel can summarize the meaning of the business casual term in one go.

Waistcoat or vest is very versatile apparel that you can wear in a board meeting and also in a bar at night with colleagues based on how you dress it. The beauty with the vest is that you can wear it formally like an innerwear of a tux or you can style it casual shirt and jeans.

2-Piece suit without a tie: -

Probably, the most formal yet fun fashionable outfit is this, if you wear it without a tie. It is still termed under the business casual despite being a suit because it doesn't include a tie which carries a formal vibe with it.

The key to this outfit is the fit, Suits, and blazers should completely fit and hug your body so that you achieve the look of your dream. We recommend getting it tailored if it doesn't fit you right.

A bonus tip related to this outfit is to wear a toe pointed formal loafers to enhance the outfit. CLICK HERE to check out our awesome footwear collection at and grab one of your choices.

So there, we summarized 5 most basic yet fashionable business casual outfits hand-picked for you. We know that lot of us are currently spending most of our time at home, but when you get an opportunity to show off your style sense at your workplace, Try on these 5 outfits and take a look at what suits you best.












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